Equality California and Prop 8

When I was in my sophomore year of high school I was in GSA and this was around the time when Proposition 8 was being decided on.  I wanted to do something, since some of my best friends were gay.  I couldn’t believe, even in the 21st century, that people didn’t approve of two men or two women to get married.  So naturally I joined the club and it was started by one of our classmates.  They had elections, and I wrote a speech.  I quoted Harvey Milk in it and got elected president.  It’s weird  seeing people you’ve known since kindergarten, and finding out that they aren’t okay with gay people getting married. Whether or not it’s a personal choice, is fine.  However, the fact that they’re willing to vote or encourage others to vote to prohibit gay men or women from marrying each other, is appalling to me.  

Most people who are No on Prop 8 went to eqca.org for information on the campaign.  I used to get email from them, and some would have .pdf pamphlets attached you print out and take to the voting booth.  It would basically tell you to vote for these candidates, because they support gay rights.

Back then I wasn’t really politically active, I didn’t know much about politics. Lots of what I used to think back then has vastly changed.  Even in the gay rights field for example.  Back then I used to think that you know we should legalize ay marriage at the federal level, even though I didn’t directly say it.  Now of course, I’m a little bit different I think it’s a states issue and the federal government has no jurisdiction in marriage according to the tenth amendment.

I’m a very passionate about what I did in GSA and I’m very proud of what I did.  However, a lot of the seniors in the club or the ones who were old enough to vote, voted for Barrack Obama that year.  Doing research I found that Barack Obama (Joe Biden spoke for him on that issue during the vice presidential debate) didn’t support gay marriage.  After the prop 8 thing was over years later.  Looking back at the candidates that eqca.org wanted the gay men and women to vote for, I can see how terrible their ideology was.  They trick these people to vote for these people on one single issue.  Most of them are not even Liberal, they are Centralist.  That’s great for votes, but terrible for preserving liberty.  I assumed that voting Democrat would preserve civil liberties, until I found I was wrong.  I think that it is an awful thing for eqca.org to suggest that people vote in accordance with the Democratic party.  Really they are voting for someone who hinders economic progress and has the same philosophy as the Republicans.

The government has no reason to be involved in marriage, this should be a completely private ceremony, It really sucks that this is the case.  Hopefully in the future people who actually want to preserve individual rights will vote for a party that has a consistent track record with preserving liberty.  The Libertarian Party.


I like Doug Stanhope’s take on this (hilarious)



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