On saturday i went to one of the best events of my life.  It was at the penthouse floor at the AT&T building in LA.  The event was about the idea of Nullification.  It’s the idea that when all three branches of government fail to uphold the consitution then the state has a duty to resist.  California does this with medical marijuana, and recently Texas with the TSA (thank god).  It’s becoming a more talked about idea, even the media is starting to try to smear it with a strawman arguement (nullification was suggested by John C. Calhoon.  John C. Calhoon was a slavery supporter.  Therefore, Nullification must be a pro-slavery tool, or at the very least, a tool to resist the “good” will of the federal government).  That was an easy example, but even i can miss it if i’m not expecting it.  Political debates, and the media use this a lot, and it really works well.  It’s unfortuante but it’s true, and can really mislead people.


I encourage you to look at “nullify now” and Thomas E. Woods Jr.’s book “Nullification, How to resist federal tyranny in the 21st century”


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-California -Interested in politics, current events, economics, and philosophy
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