Equality California and Prop 8

When I was in my sophomore year of high school I was in GSA and this was around the time when Proposition 8 was being decided on.  I wanted to do something, since some of my best friends were gay.  I couldn’t believe, even in the 21st century, that people didn’t approve of two men or two women to get married.  So naturally I joined the club and it was started by one of our classmates.  They had elections, and I wrote a speech.  I quoted Harvey Milk in it and got elected president.  It’s weird  seeing people you’ve known since kindergarten, and finding out that they aren’t okay with gay people getting married. Whether or not it’s a personal choice, is fine.  However, the fact that they’re willing to vote or encourage others to vote to prohibit gay men or women from marrying each other, is appalling to me.  

Most people who are No on Prop 8 went to eqca.org for information on the campaign.  I used to get email from them, and some would have .pdf pamphlets attached you print out and take to the voting booth.  It would basically tell you to vote for these candidates, because they support gay rights.

Back then I wasn’t really politically active, I didn’t know much about politics. Lots of what I used to think back then has vastly changed.  Even in the gay rights field for example.  Back then I used to think that you know we should legalize ay marriage at the federal level, even though I didn’t directly say it.  Now of course, I’m a little bit different I think it’s a states issue and the federal government has no jurisdiction in marriage according to the tenth amendment.

I’m a very passionate about what I did in GSA and I’m very proud of what I did.  However, a lot of the seniors in the club or the ones who were old enough to vote, voted for Barrack Obama that year.  Doing research I found that Barack Obama (Joe Biden spoke for him on that issue during the vice presidential debate) didn’t support gay marriage.  After the prop 8 thing was over years later.  Looking back at the candidates that eqca.org wanted the gay men and women to vote for, I can see how terrible their ideology was.  They trick these people to vote for these people on one single issue.  Most of them are not even Liberal, they are Centralist.  That’s great for votes, but terrible for preserving liberty.  I assumed that voting Democrat would preserve civil liberties, until I found I was wrong.  I think that it is an awful thing for eqca.org to suggest that people vote in accordance with the Democratic party.  Really they are voting for someone who hinders economic progress and has the same philosophy as the Republicans.

The government has no reason to be involved in marriage, this should be a completely private ceremony, It really sucks that this is the case.  Hopefully in the future people who actually want to preserve individual rights will vote for a party that has a consistent track record with preserving liberty.  The Libertarian Party.


I like Doug Stanhope’s take on this (hilarious)


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On saturday i went to one of the best events of my life.  It was at the penthouse floor at the AT&T building in LA.  The event was about the idea of Nullification.  It’s the idea that when all three branches of government fail to uphold the consitution then the state has a duty to resist.  California does this with medical marijuana, and recently Texas with the TSA (thank god).  It’s becoming a more talked about idea, even the media is starting to try to smear it with a strawman arguement (nullification was suggested by John C. Calhoon.  John C. Calhoon was a slavery supporter.  Therefore, Nullification must be a pro-slavery tool, or at the very least, a tool to resist the “good” will of the federal government).  That was an easy example, but even i can miss it if i’m not expecting it.  Political debates, and the media use this a lot, and it really works well.  It’s unfortuante but it’s true, and can really mislead people.


I encourage you to look at “nullify now” and Thomas E. Woods Jr.’s book “Nullification, How to resist federal tyranny in the 21st century”

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SEWD is in it’s beginning stages

As of right now the new club that me and my friend have been seriously thinking of starting, is now going to be considered by Citrus Community College as an official club.  My job is to get at least 10 people on a list who would be willing to be in a club like that.


I also have a list of possible slogans

SEWD for when your parents won’t listen to you

SEWD taking shit back to 1776

SEWD what DARE never taught you

SEWD for when “because it’s the law” isn’t good enough


Since my friend is going to UC Santa Cruz, we may also have a SEWD at Santa Cruz as well.  Lets hope this becomes something big.

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Drug War awareness

I plan to start a club that will promote awareness about the failure of the drug war. I hope that advertising around the college I’m about attend, will attract young students to join.  My plan is to aquire enough money to rent a room somewhere, so that the club appears more professonal, rather than just some temporary student club. 

I haven’t decided on a name either. The title would probably have Drug War in it.

Students for ending the Drug War
End the Drug War association
End the War on Drugs society
Californians for ending the War on Drugs
Students for legalizing drugs

Hopefully this will turn into something more than just an idea.

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Recently the California Supreme Court ruled that they would release roughly 33,000 inmates [California currently has 143,335 (http://www.latimes.com/news/local/la-me-court-prisons-20110524,0,2973297.story)].  On my way home from talking with a friend, I listened to KFI AM 640 talk about the subject, and complain about how terrible it is that prisoners are being released. They said something along the lines of “show me the pictures of the families who were victimized by these people” and then talked about how horrible it would be if they were released.  I feel KFI’s assessment, and Jerry Brown’s “solution” about this distracts from the true issue.  The United States has the highest incarceration rate in the entire world (for proof see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Incarceration_in_the_United_States), this isn’t because we are a violent nation.  It is because of the War on Drugs.  According to Wikipedia’s sources “The typical mandatory sentence for a first-time drug offense in federal court is five or ten years”.  Imagine that’s five or ten years we have to feed them, house them, and dress him, “Housing one prisoner costs a state between $18,000 and $31,000 annually, $33 per day for the average prisoner and $100 per day for an elderly prisoner” (see link above).  Even Wikipedia attributes the steady rise in prison population to the War on Drugs (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_incarceration_rate#Causes).  For KFI not to even acknowledge that as a possibility for overcrowding is ignoring the obvious.  Releasing inmates will not solve the problem, but at least some drug users who may never have committed a violent crime in the past, can get out and live their lives.

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My first attempt at a blog

Hopefully what I write will be enlighting

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